Anne Hoguet (Musée de l'éventail)

Plastic arts

Anne HOGUET and the fan maker line of work

Anne Hoguet’s fan workshop finds its origins to 1876 when Joseph Hoguet
Duroyaume created his workshop of fan mounts in Sainte Geneviève (Oise, north of Paris), birthplace of detailed craftsmanship. The mounts were manufactured in this area because of its proximity to the ports of Le Havre (for mother-of-pearl) and Dieppe (for ivory).

Developed and handed down over four generations, the site today combines a museum and a workshop. It is a unique time capsule, one of the three remaining fan workshops and the only museum which is dedicated to it in France.

Anne Hoguet is a master craftsman always eager to continue the family tradition and pass her know-how to the younger generations.

The Fan Museum was opened in 1993. It is partly installed in the showroom created in 1893 by Lépault & Deberghe fan makers.

This room is preserved in its original state and is in style of Henry II with a monumental fireplace and walnut storage cabinets. The walls are lined with blue cloth embroidered with fleur-de-lys with gold thread. Three chandeliers topped with
of a wreath are suspended from a coffered ceiling.