Tatiana Hairy

Plastic arts

The metamorphosesof lacquer by Tatiana Hairy

Tatiana Hairy was born in 1994 in France. She lives and works in Paris.

After a master's degree in Art History (2017) and a diploma in Art and Craft specializing in Lacquer (2023). Tatiana Hairy was trained by masters and lacquer artists in France, Japan, Vietnam and India from 2019 to 2022.

The artist explores the depth and intensity of lacquer.

Her works require extended periods of time during which they are laminated and organized whilst she modifies the surface to sense its hidden substance, stirring indescribable echoes.

It offers as many unique and universal spaces as much as a vibrant invitation to journey and introspection.

Both medium and artistic core, lacquer acts in Tatiana's works "as the driving source of a fertile creation, an essential ongoing movement where the organic matter is not the purpose but a process and a metaphor of the encounter and of the bond".

"A remedy for the increasing speed of the world, the opposite of the stifling influence of a present which is depleting within immediacy".